Chris has spent 7 years on the forefront of the integration of neuroscience, social psychology, and bio-metrics into the training environment. Chris is co-author of “Psychological Safety: The key to happy, high-performing people and teams”,  and was one of the key project leaders in the creation of ABL’s S.A.F.E.T.Y.™ self-assessment.

Chris was the head of the Neuroleadership Labs located at the Consortium of Universities for International Studies in Italy (CIMBA) and connected to the University of Iowa where he was responsible for development of the first bio-metric system to be integrated into business courses.

Chris helped develop both the brain-based leadership program at the University of Iowa’s study abroad program at CIMBA as well as its data-driven and brain-based coaching methodology. He has presented his work at the Neuroleadership Summit and the Bio-Feedback Federation of Europe and also co-authored 2 papers for the Neuroleadership Journal, and a paper for the Association for Talent Development.

Having a passion for teaching and inspiring others to achieve their best, Chris has taught, coached, or mentored in 6 countries with students ranging from Undergraduate through the Executive level. Chris is a frequent blogger on the topic of brain-based improvement and co-authored a white paper with Dan Radecki PhD on “The Science Behind Training Effectiveness”.

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