Explore the neuroscientific underpinnings of your organizational or leadership challenge from a brain-based perspective with digestible, relatable and relevant insights you can apply personally and professionally.

Neuroscientist and brain-based leadership expert Dr Dan Radecki is an internationally sought-after speaker highly respected for his ability to translate the latest neuroscience into real world application and solutions for leaders and organizations. Dan holds a Bachelors in Psychology, a Masters in Biopsychology and a PhD in Neuroscience.  His decades of experience as a corporate leader in large global pharmaceutical companies affords him the unique perspective on how the knowledge of brain functioning can aid leaders in maximizing their results as well as the results of their teams.

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How is the brain contributing to your organizational challenge? Gain insights and strategies to address your challenge from a brain-based perspective.

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Outcomes & Benefits

Delivered in-person or virtually these interactive briefings are structured with plenty of time to generate insights and ask questions to translate awareness into action.

  • Direct access to a globally recognized thought leader
  • Complex neuroscience made easy
  • Gain new insights into old problems
  • Challenge existing thinking
  • Self-awareness and application focussed
  • Brain-based models and tools
  • Q&A to explore curiosity
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