Academic and industry research has identified Psychological Safety as the number one determining factor of successful people and teams. Until recently, we haven’t had the knowledge or tools to unpack psychological safety. The logical starting place was its root – the brain, yet we lacked the ability to measure, track or implement strategies for something so intangible and subjective.

Thanks to recent breakthroughs in neuroscience research we are now gaining this visibility.  Our programs leverage this research to provide valuable insights into the brain – the importance and impact of psychological safety and the strategies to protect and build it personally and collectively.

What sets us apart?

We’ve designed programs and implementations plans with hundreds of customers, equipping us with the experience and best practices that drive outcomes.

Outcomes and Benefits

From our experience cultural change and transformation happen one brain at a time, in environments where people are supported and nurtured.

As such we take a concentric approach to building safe cultures through:

  • Personal Safety
  • Relationship Safety
  • Team Safety
  • Culture Safety

Through shared understanding, language and skills we build psychological safety at all four levels and create a culture where people:

  • Have the skills to understand and communicate their needs
  • Feel free to be their authentic selves, to speak up and to take risks
  • Respect and nurture their own and other’s psychological safety needs
  • Practice and experience safe and positive exchanges and collaboration
  • Are safe, engaged, motivated and supported to do their best work
  • Are empowered to create and support a psychologically safe culture

Results speak for themselves


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