Leonie is Co-founder and CEO of the Academy of  Brain-based Leadership and has over 20 years’ experience in management and consulting, predominantly in values based organizations.

In her previous role as General Manager of the NeuroLeadership Institute (NLI), Leonie was instrumental in growing the business from its conception to an internationally recognized platform and authority in the field of neuroleadership. For over six years she built and led a global, virtual team to operationalize the organizations strategic objectives and activities. This included building the educational arm of the business, executing nine global Neuroleadership Summits, managing five Neuroleadership Journal publications and building the global research and membership community. It was in this capacity that her vision was birthed for a new approach to leadership, relationships, and how we do work.

In 2015 she co-founded ABL as an extension of her passion to make a difference by creating and facilitating pathways for individuals to more deeply know themselves and know others. She aspires to create and cultivate environments where performance thrives as a direct result of the safety, health and success of its people and believes brain-awareness and brain-consciousness hold the key to personal and cultural transformation.

Leonie co-authored the book “Psychological Safety: The key to happy, high-performing people and teams”. She has been instrumental in the design, development and implementation of the learning and accreditation pathways for building psychological safety at an individual, relationship, team and organizational level.

She enjoys work and family life in Bondi Beach, Australia with her husband Craige and three children, Chaim, Lachlan, and Mikayla.

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