Understand how the brain is influencing your productivity, effectiveness and relationships – and potentially sabotaging your best efforts!

Since pioneering virtual education in the brain-based leadership field in 2009, we have trained 1000s of learners and leaders globally to harness the power of neuroscience personally and professionally.

Our ‘What > So What > Now What’ learning methodology ensures that training is not an event but a journey, supported with powerful learnings, frameworks, applications and tools to translate awareness into action.

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Join us on a 2-hr learning journey to understand your S.A.F.E.T.Y.™ Profile and what it means for you and those around you. Click below to see the schedule of upcoming programs.

It's not you ... It's your brain

Many of the challenges we face as humans are a result of our brain’s nonconscious processes.  These hidden drivers work below our level of consciousness and invisibly influence our thoughts, behaviors and motivations.  They are why we can find it hard to change and to see our own filters and biases.

This program is designed to get you off autopilot, uncover your drivers and give you strategies to keep you in the drivers seat of your life.

Using the S.A.F.E.T.Y.™ assessment to create self-awareness, this application focussed training program will teach you:

  • The brain’s operating principles and the importance of psychological safety
  • The nonconscious biases driving your decisions and behavior
  • Your motivators and stressors
  • How to mitigate triggers to manage your stress
  • The impact of your profile on you and those around you
  • How to nurture your psychological wellbeing for better health

What to expect from the 2-hour virtual session

Assessment &
Profile Report

Instruction by
Dr Dan Radecki

& Insight

Implementation Tools
& Strategies


Results speak for themselves


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