The past year has left a lot of people lethargic and confused. Some of us have felt that we may have lost our competitive edge completely. This webinar will help you regain some ground by giving you a better understanding of Psychological Safety and tools for how to build it within your team. Psychological Safety is the number one determining factor of successful people and teams according to recent academic and industry research.

Until recently, we haven’t had the knowledge or tools to unpack psychological safety. The logical starting place was its root – the brain, yet we lacked the ability to measure, track or implement strategies for something so subjective and invisible. Thanks to recent breakthroughs in neuroscience research we are now gaining this visibility.

Harness the power of neuroscience and build a psychologically safe culture where people thrive, connect, and perform at their best.

Join neuroscientist Dr. Dan Radecki to learn how psychological safety and the brain-based approach to understanding and building psychological safety personally and collectively will help get you, your team, and your organization back on track to the road to success.


Dr Dan Radecki

Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer

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