To build resilience, whether in a team or an organization, a person needs to build psychological safety for themselves … but how? In this talk with neuroscientist, author, and the co-founder of the Academy of Brain-based Leadership (ABL), Dr. Dan Radecki, we explore some of the brain-based principles that influence our psychological safety experience and how, from a brain perspective that then impacts our personal wellbeing and resilience.

Specifically Dr. Radecki talks about:

  1. Defining Psychological Safety
  2. Our co-pilot, the PFC (or pre-frontal cortex)
  3. Biases – What this really means (not what you think!!), and how we can identify Biases and manage them…and much more.

Dr Radecki provides some incredible insights into how we can create resilience for ourselves, our organizations, and our communities but starting with ourselves.

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Dr Dan Radecki

Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Alex Fullick

Podcast Host, Stone Road Inc

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