Join Hasan Rafiq, VP of Organizational Development Center for Excellence at Newsela and ABL co-founder neuroscientist Dr Dan Radecki for a discussion on the opportunities and challenges of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEIB) in the workplace from a brain-based perspective.

This conversation reveals why traditional DEIB strategies that address only the symptoms doesn’t work and why understanding the systemic and holistic neurological roots can offer exciting possibilities for building authentically inclusive cultures where everyone is seen, heard and valued for their contributions and experience a sense of belonging.

As a seasoned DEIB practitioner and executive coach, Hasan shares his experience and insights about building a culture of belonging where all diversity (visible and invisible) is valued, encouraged and nurtured, and where people feel safe to be themselves, to speak up, to be ‘known’ and be fully expressed.


Dr Dan Radecki

Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer, ABL

Hasan Rafiq

VP Organizational Development Center for Excellence, Newsela

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