We know that the last two years of the pandemic has been stressful and has taken a toll on the workforce. People are burned out and craving an environment that supports their psychological safety and wellbeing – so how do you create that?

Psychological safety has been identified as the number one determining factor of high-performing teams, engagement and retention. Thankfully, recent breakthroughs in neuroscience are offering insights into the social needs that impact our sense of psychological safety. By identifying and managing these needs we are able to create the safe environment the workforce is seeking.

Join neuroscientist Dr Dan Radecki and Leonie Hull Co-founders of the Academy of Brain-based Leadership, and authors of “Psychological Safety: The key to happy, high-performing people and teams” to:

  • understand the brain-based approach to psychological safety
  • learn the 4-levels of focus for psychological safety: self, relationship, team and culture
  • learn how to leverage this approach to build personal and collective Psychological Safety
  • gain key take aways for creating a safe environment that supports you and your workforce


Dr Dan Radecki

Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Leonie Hull

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

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